Gamers Who Complained About Blizzard's Forum Privacy See Email Addresses Leaked

Let’s go ahead and assume that people who complain about having to use their true identities in forums care about their privacy. From there it’s no small leap to imagine that the 1,000 or so folks who sent angry emails about World of Warcraft-maker Blizzard’s policy were nonplussed that the Entertainment Software Rating Board has gone and leaked their addresses. says those who complained to the ESRB received a “reply all” message from the organization, which accidentally shared the email addresses with like-minded complainers.

So as long as absolutely all who received the email take privacy with the utmost seriousness, no one else has anything to worry about in terms of the endless spam that comes with the entire world knowing your email address.

ESRB unintentionally exposes email addresses of people who filed complaints over Blizzard’s Real ID system [WoW via Kotaku]

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