How Do I Stop My Facebook Doppelganger?

Katie says he friend has been attacked on Facebook. Someone has copied her profile, befriended her contacts and sent them terrible messages in a frame job. She says Facebook has been unresponsive and wants your advice on how to handle the situation.

She writes:

There is a creep impersonating my friend on Facebook – this person has created a fake profile and put all of her information and photo in it and then began sending horrible messages to all of her friends and family. She’s locked down her privacy settings on her own account, and a ton of us, her friends, have reported the fake profile.

The problem is that this has been going on for a month and we’ve received no response from Facebook. Is there any way we can escalate this issue to make Facebook pay attention and take some action? There is an issue now that if she leaves Facebook, it could be worse, as the bad one would be the only one out there for her and that could cause even more damage. I know this is a rampant problem, and it seems to me like anyone, not just Facebook users, could be vulnerable to this sort of attack. It makes me angry that Facebook has not yet taken action after weeks of harassment endured by my friend.

What would you do if someone aped you on a social networking site and management wouldn’t come to your aid? Would you start a fake-fake version of you to talk smack about the fake version? But what if the faker made a fake-fake-fake version of your fake to further confuse your loved ones?

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