Apple Offering Free Repair Or Replacement On Some Time Capsules

If you were one of the early adopters for the Apple Time Capsule back in 2008 and yours won’t power up, you might be able to get it repaired or replaced for free, or get a refund for repairs you already paid for, reports TUAW. To see if you’ve got a recalled model, look for a serial number between XX807XXXXXX and XX814XXXXXX.

“Time Capsule: Does not power on” [Apple via TUAW]


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  1. zigziggityzoo says:

    Yeah that’s mine. Damn capacitors exploding.

  2. Deputy Lunchbox says:

    My Time Capsule stopped powering on about two months ago and I had since replaced it with an Airport Extreme. I lost some data that had been stored on my Time Capsule (I had other back-up options so no all was lost).

    I had been following the stories on the Apple support website and it appeared to be a pandemic of zombie proportions with these things. When researching the problem, Apple refused to support or acknowledge the issue, I thought I was screwed. I was elated to see the article this morning and immediately contacted Apple support.

    The first guy I spoke with had no idea what I was talking about and wanted to charge me $49.99 for the Applecare support program. I quickly used my verbal judo and was forwarded to a supervisor who had a vague idea of the above program. She then connected me with a lady named Wendy who quickly and professionally assisted me with the issue. Seeing that I had no critical data on my TC we arranged for me to send the defective TC back to Apple and they would send me a new replacement. The only minor gripe was Apple needed to put a credit card hold for the amount of the new TC they shipped me until they received my defective TC. The credit card hold makes sense to me, but just bugs me.

    We’ll keep our fingers crossed that this issue is finally resolved.

  3. jdmba says:

    I am sure the Fanboi’s will point out that this is NOT a flaw in an apple product … this one is … um … advanced energy saving … yeah, save the planet!

    (On another note, is Apple Quality Control slipping or what!!!)

  4. ospreyguy says:

    So my question is, I have this one but it works, for now, so I have to just wait until it craps out on me to get it replaced?