Cable Companies Could Save Money By Flagging Certain Customers "Not An Idiot"

Cable companies could be saving lots of money and pissing off fewer people if they implemented special “this guy is not an idiot” flags on their tech savvy customer’s accounts, argues the NeedCoffee blog.

After going through the latest annoying experience dealing with cable customer service he decided to put together these 8 free ideas. Among them, this gem:

You need a “Not An Idiot” flag. Again, I’m no tech genius, but I do know how to unplug a modem and do basic problem determination. I’m reminded of the time that I could not seem to get it through the head of the person I was talking to that if I had bypassed my entire apartment and plugged into the line coming in from outside then they didn’t actually need to test the wiring in my apartment. So I don’t expect you to believe everything I say or skip to the end or anything, but just find a level and work with me on it. And then flag my account that I’m slightly savvy. I promise the call will go faster.

And isn’t it all about keeping the call time down? Metrics, baby, metrics. Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, etc, you’re welcome.

Dear Cable Companies: 8 Ways to Help Us Hate You Less [NeedCoffee]

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