Apple Store Touches Down In Shanghai

Good news for fans of Apple in China, as the company has added a huge flagship store in Shanghai to the one they opened in Beijing in 2008. And this second variation on the Apple retail theme is apparently a store of an entirely different color. And by color, we mean, it sounds super crazy cool.

According to Fortune, the store, which opened Saturday, is a 40-foot glass tower that sits atop one of the largest stores in Asia, with 16,000 square feet of retail space and more than 100 Wi-Fi connected Macs on display.

“We believe that if we build it, they will come,” Apple retail chief Ron Johnson told reporters at a press preview Thursday.

And just like those ghostly ballplayers coming out of the corn in Field of Dreams, customers flocked to the gleaming tower of computer consumption, filling the tower with a line of shoppers that overflowed onto the sidewalk.

Check out a video from opening day:

Apple plants its flagship in Shanghai [Fortune]


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  1. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Mom, I mean Steve, is very happy.

  2. Mike says:

    When I taught English in China it became apparent that in China money means everything. You wouldn’t believe how many Hummers I saw in mainland China. Chinese people will be more than willing to spend big bucks on Apple products just so they can show off to their friends and family.

    • Thumbmaster says:

      I think you are correct so far as the large cities (Beijing, Shanghai, etc) are concerned. The vast majority of the population in China is still in very poor rural areas where the average annual salary can barely afford them an iPod nano. China is fast becoming one of those nations where the chasm between the poor and the rich boggles the mind; and the middle class melts into either side.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        Indeed. China is a country in which everything connects to money in some way. Americans love the classic ‘rags to riches’ story – in China, that story is rare and bittersweet because those who are born in poverty generally stay that way, and it’s ingrained in them that they’ll never achieve a higher status. And if they do, they’ll be constantly trying to hide their former poverty, knowing that if anyone finds out who they used to be, it will follow them forever.

        • jamar0303 says:

          Unless, of course, your story makes it onto TV. Then you’re considered a “celebrity” and most stigmas no longer apply.

    • CFinWV says:

      What I love are all the Maseratis and Ferraris in Hong Kong, I would see at least 5 a day. Even our HK tourguide laughed about it because he said you really can’t go much above 40mph on the island.

      I saw a Bentley that was totaled by a Honda. (very painful to watch) If you want to see overpriced cars on parade go to Hong Kong.

  3. Thumbmaster says:

    I’m just glad that there’s finally an Apple piece on Consumerist that isn’t a biased bashfest. What’s with all the hate anyway? They consistently receive the highest customer satisfaction and their products are, in generally, more reliable than others in the same categories. I think a more moderate tone in your Apple reporting would gain more credibility from your readers. There’s way too much personal hatred and snark on your Apple posts. (Looking at you, Marc)


    • GrymOne says:

      “I’m just glad that there’s finally an Apple piece on Consumerist that isn’t a biased bashfest”
      “There’s way too much personal hatred and snark on your Apple posts. (Looking at you, Marc)”

      I’ll just leave this link:

      Try again FanBoi

    • Mike says:

      What would you prefer? Stories about how people love their iPods? The tagline of this website is “consumers bite back.” The majority of stories are about consumers that run into problems with their purchases. So which story is biased that consumerist has written? The one where all those people are having problems with their iPhone? Or maybe the one where the genius misdiagnosed a computer problem? Both seem like legit problems to me.

      If you want to hear people cheer on your favorite brand then there are plenty of sites out their for you. This site is not for that.

      Remember, Apple, like GM, Microsoft or any other company is just a brand. If there is a good reason to get upset anytime someone has bad news about a brand you own then tell me, so I can get upset the next time I see someone criticize the brand of anything I own.

      • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

        There are many digs taken at Apple products in a post about a company other than Apple. Or posts about how a Mac G5 is finally useful…as a cheese grater. Or if you forgot to backup, and lost a downloaded movie, iTunes won’t let you re-download it for free, even though it’s explained that way to you. Or saying the only way to make an iPad usefull is if you have a USB typewriter to attach to it. Or that iPad’s are dirty, so why do you want to pay so much for it? etc…

  4. Coles_Law says:

    It is China, so expect a counterfeit building to be constructed a block over within a week. :)

    • jamar0303 says:

      Not in THAT corner of Shanghai. It’s already covered in bank skyscrapers. Pretty much every bank in Shanghai has a building there including foreign ones (Citibank is a pretty big one, as is HSBC- seeing as how this city is the “S” in “HSBC” it’s to be expected, though). Banks that don’t otherwise operate there share a few buildings (Wells Fargo, for instance- their only fully operating branch in China is a few blocks away from this Apple Store).

  5. FrugalFreak says:

    like walking down the stairs to the pit of dungeons. you go up to go to Heaven, and down to…Apple store.

  6. duxup says:

    “We believe that if we build it, they will come” …. in Shanghai. No #### they’ll come. Easiest business decision of the day there.

  7. Hardwired says:

    Do you have to walk into the store in a certain way?

    • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

      Nope. Same way you walk into any Apple store: backwards, on all fours, trousers down, in doggie position, waiting for Dear Leader’s minions to insert something long and hard.

  8. Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

    Once the Dear Leader of Cupertino builds a shrine to his Godliness in the city he cares about most, then I’ll be remotely interested. I’m talking about Pyongyang, of course!

  9. SubPrimeLender says:

    China and Apple , match made in heaven

    China sensors all media coming into the country , apple sensors all media on there products

  10. shepd says:

    What better way to beat shanzhai than to exist in Shanghai?

    Oh, wait, it doens’t work like that. :^D

  11. AllanG54 says:

    Hey, anything that helps our balance of trade deficit is good but since most of their products are made over there I wonder if they’re cheaper since there’s not a lot of shipping involved.

    • jamar0303 says:

      Funny thing is, it costs MORE to buy it there. After being in America and comparing to the prices I saw in China there’s definitely a 10%+ difference in favor of buying it in America. Official explanation is there’s a tariff on foreign products even if they’re made there. Of course, if you buy it unofficially, the price reflects the fact that it wasn’t made that far from the store (unless it’s an iPhone or iPad).

  12. Coelacanth says:

    Finally, an American-made product to counteract our trade deficit with the Chinese!

    Oh, wait…

  13. jamar0303 says:

    About time. I was wondering how long it would take for them to do this since their stuff is quite popular here and the authorized resellers are getting a tad annoying.