RIP: End Of The Road For PT Cruisers

If you always wanted to roll like Michael Scott on The Office but hadn’t yet gotten around to purchasing a PT Cruiser, you might want to hurry. The last of the once-popular vehicles was slated to leave the factory yesterday.

When the retro-ish PT Cruiser hit the market 10 years ago, it became a highly successful vehicle for Chrysler. The car maker has subsequently sold around 1.3 million Cruisers since then.

But as the years passed and the Cruiser’s design was no longer a novelty, Chrysler made and sold less and less. In the first half of 2010, only around 5,500 new PTs were sold.

And so, PT Cruiser, we send you to your eternal resting place… At least for a few years until someone decides your once-retro design is once again in vogue.

End of the line for PT Cruiser [L.A. Times]

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