Passport Fees Rising On July 13


If you have apply or renew passport on your to-do list, better put it on your “done” list this week if you want to save money. Starting July 13, new higher passport fees go into effect.

Type of Passport | Old Fee | New Fee
Passport Book – adult | $100.00 | $135.00
Passport Book – minor | $85.00 | $ 105.00
Passport Book Renewal – Adult | $ 75.00 | $110.00
Passport Card – Adult | $45.00 | $55.00
Passport Card – Child | $35.00 | $40.00

The new fees are to pay for things like increased security measures and more than doubling the number of passport facilities. Unfortunately it will mean less coin for delicious authentic churros.

Here’s where you can go to apply or renew a passport. And if you find yourself needing a passport faster than the normal amount of time, check out “How To Get A Passport Fast.

New Consular Fees in Effect on July 13, 2010 [Travel.State.Gov via LAT] (Thanks to Vergel!)

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