Fly Your Bike For Free On JetBlue In July

It’s Tour de France time in, well, France. And though JetBlue can’t get you to the world-famous bicycle race, they’ll help get you in the spirit this month by allowing you to bring your bike with you free of charge.

JetBlue normally charges at least $50 each way for stowing your two-wheeler on board, which is still cheap by airline standards.

As reported in March, airlines like United and Delta charge around $175 each way for bringing your bicycle with you. And as at one Delta customer pointed out, it wasn’t worth the extra cash because they just smashed his bike anyway.

JetBlue Celebrates the Tour de France by Flying Bikes Free This Month [Jaunted]


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  1. Bakergirl says:

    Now attach all you toilettries and clothes to the bike and you won’t have to pay for your baggage! :)

  2. colorisnteverything says:

    While this is a cool idea, I wouldn’t do it. My Trek race bike is too precious too me and my commuter is like a member of the family. Seriously, though, if anything happened to them on a flight, I would probably have to go into mourning. I would need loads more insurance to feel comfortable because my bike ALONE is worth more than the insurance coverage – without pedals and upgrades!

    • denros says:

      I love my commuter also, but it’s a single speed fuji with a steel frame. I don’t think there’s much they could do to it.

      I wouldn’t even think about it with my dual suspension aluminum mountain bike though

      • colorisnteverything says:

        Yeah, my commuter is a 1977 Columbia custom built steel frame road bike. It’s a ten speed and heavier than a rock. It is also older than me by 10 years. I only paid $60.00 for it, but it is priceless IMO.

  3. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    mon Dieu! If I do zat, zee airline might damage the motor in my bicycle. Zen how will I win zee Tour?

  4. FatLynn says:

    $175 each way? You’d be better off just buying a new bike at your destination.

    • colorisnteverything says:

      Agreed. While $350.00 wouldn’t buy much of a road bike, it would be cheaper to buy it and sell it back. There is no way you would lose that type of money in the meantime. And if you were looking for a commuter, there are a lot of options for that price. My Dad just got a new Trek 7000 for that and it is a nice little bike.

  5. 44Wadeable says:

    I hear all these horror stories about bikes and airlines. I moved to my current location about a year ago and decided to fly; I shipped my bike to my new home UPS, and insured it up the wazoo. It got there nearly immediately, in pristine condition, all for $60. Granted, I used to work in a bike shop, so I was able to get multiple boxes to ‘double bag’ it for free (because to buy a ‘case’ to fly your bike is at least $100), and knew how to pack it to minimize damage. If I were flying on a trip and planning on bringing the bike, I’d call the hotel or whatever and see if I could get the bike shipped there and save myself the airline headache.

    • OggJoshua says:

      UPS wanted to charge me almost $200 to ship. But REI always ships it via UPS while charging me just $60. How did you get that deal on your own?

  6. Jfielder says:

    That’s really cool, I would love to bring my bike everywhere I fly…. except I’m fairly confident it’d be hamburger once I got to my destination… Maybe if I owned a Huffy I wouldn’t feel bad about letting some throwers beat the tar out of it.

  7. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    Yeah… but you gotta hook up the linkage belts from the engines to your wheels and pedal all the way across.

  8. Punchy says:

    Too bad they don’t fly to Iowa or Nebraska, they could make a kiling off this promotion (RAGBRAI).

    Also any decent bike shop will have a bike specific shipping container they will rent to you for trip, they are very sturdy and you don’t have to worry about your bike getting damaged.