Google Store View Cameraman Spotted In The Wild

Reader Yankees368 was dining at Breeze NY when a Google employee tromped in and started taking pictures of the restaurant’s interior, including the food he was about to eat, for the Google Store View project.

The Google Store View project, officially announced in April, will allow Google Maps users to click on a store they see on the map and take a virtual tour inside. Google says the photographing sessions are arranged in advance working directly with the business.

Our reader says he spoke to the cameraman who told him that yes, he was working on the Store View project. Our reader noted that the worker wore a polo shirt with a Google logo on it and was using a Nexus phone.


Of the camera and process, Yankees368 says, “It was a simple DSLR on a tripod that was moved through the restaurant. The camera was rotated 90′ at each spot, and the camera was then moved deeper into the restaurant. At one point, he even took a picture of our food as it came out of the kitchen.

So sometime in the near future, you will be able to go to Google and see the exact dish I ate for lunch on July 2nd.”

Breeze NYC [Google Maps]

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