Starbucks & AT&T Survive First Day Of Free WiFi

So yesterday was Day 1 for Starbucks’ new 1-click free WiFi service at its coffee stores around the nation. And while some had wondered whether or not the java giant and its WiFi provider, AT&T, would be able to keep up with the increased demand, it looks like all went relatively well.

The folks at performed some spot tests yesterday and only had a few minor issues to report:

However, all was not perfect. The landing page, which requires you to accept terms and conditions, often only partially loaded. This required either a reloading of the landing page, or blinding clicking invisible or partially loaded buttons. In addition, web pages sometimes timed out, requiring reloading even while in a good Wi-FI signal area.

How many of you, our beloved Consumerist readers, have tried the Starbucks WiFi since it went free for all? Any problems to share with the world?

Starbucks & AT&T Sustain First Day of Free Wi-Fi Traffic []

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