Best Buy Delivers Two Giant Bonus Boxes To House Your Remote

Ashley ordered a remote from Best Buy, but must have thought she ordered a carnival prize panda by mistake when the delivery guy dropped off a colossal box, which contained a still-too-big-yet-smaller box, which itself housed the well-protected remote.

When you get huge boxes like this, what do you end up using them for, and how do you eventually dispose of them?

Shame on you, Best Buy [The Divine Ash]


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  1. Spooky says:

    Over sized boxes, My cats eyes are wide with anticipation!

    • MaxPower says:

      My thoughts exactly. I actually felt really bad about throwing out a large Amazon box that has been their bed for the last 3 weeks.

      • TJ says:

        Amazon boxes are good, but my kitty favors boxes from Costco, the kind with a “U” shape cut out of one side, so he can more easily peer out. This, combined with crinkly paper that Amazon often uses to pad items, makes for wondrous kitty forts.

        He seems to get tired of the boxes at about the same rate that they come in, so I recycle his old forts.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      exactly! cat toys.

    • Raekwon says:

      My cat does an amazing Metal Gear Solid impersonation with all my boxes.

    • RadarOReally has got the Post-Vacation Blues says:

      No problem with big boxes! Forts for all! Keeps the kitties out from underfoot for at least a day.

    • yevarechecha says:

      This. We had a vacuum cleaner box and then a multi-function printer box on the floor for 6 months apiece because our 2-year-old cats loved them so much. They clutter up the room, but we don’t have the heart to take them away/

  2. fatediesel says:

    I’ve had this happen with Amazon multiple times when they are fulfilling a third party sale. I’ll get the Amazon box, which contains a box from the original seller, and the actual item inside another box. I usually just take the boxes to the recycling center.

  3. AnonyMouse says:

    Is there nothing this company can do right in your eyes? Would you rather they ship it in too small of a container and it arrives broken? This Best Buy bashing is just getting redundant and tired. Find a new scapegoat for your snark. And as for this:

    “When you get huge boxes like this, what do you end up using them for, and how do you eventually dispose of them?”

    Try being a grown up and recycling or throwing the damn thing away.

    /Stay off my lawn!

    • Megalomania says:

      I generally take extra boxes and see if I can use them to help organize any stuff, or (being a college student) try to use them to mail any stuff I won’t need for a while back home.

      • AnonyMouse says:

        That is definitely an acceptable use of a shipping box, I do this as well. I think that goes along with recycle, but I could have clarified it or added reuse as well. My general statement was more of a “This is a question that doesn’t need to be asked.”

    • Noah says:


      If the remote was delivered undamaged, on time and the larger boxes didn’t cost you anything extra, who really cares. If you think Best Buy is destroying the environment, fine, shop elsewhere. Of all the reasons to not shop at Best Buy this ranks at the bottom.

      Must be a slow news day today.

    • leastcmplicated says:

      Who cares what size they are, they all go in the little blue rolling box that i tote to the end of the driveway every wednesday.

    • The Marionette says:

      That’s the problem on here, if it was shipped damaged in a small box they get bitched at, if it’s shipped in a big box (or multiple boxes) undamaged they get bitched at. Unless these people receiving boxes that are “too big” aren’t recycling or throwing their garbage out regularly then there should be no problem with it. The funny part is if an item that would fit in those sized boxes were shipped in those boxes there would be nothing wrong with it, despite it being the same size box.

  4. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    If I have met my box hoarding limit, I just take the box, fill it with trash, then into the burn barrell it goes!

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      so… what IS your box hoarding limit?

      • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

        VERY large. I like to have a variety of different box sizes. Also, teh kittehs like boxes. Skeeter has been led to believe that once he jumps into a box, he is invisible and I can’t see him.

  5. digital0verdose says:

    So, we shouldn’t shop at BB because they tried to make sure the Ashley got what she wanted and it wasn’t broken?

    Thanks, I guess?

  6. Noah says:

    Ashley is a very lucky person if this is the biggest problem in her life right now.

  7. notovny says:

    ==> Build fort, drink candy corn liquor.

  8. mbz32190 says:

    If you don’t want to throw out boxes, take them to a supermarket and they will be happy to throw them in their cardboard bailer. We get over $120 per cardboard bail, making several a day.

  9. Rachacha says:

    “When you get huge boxes like this, what do you end up using them for, and how do you eventually dispose of them?”

    1) Cut a hole in a box
    2) Put your junk in the box
    3) …

  10. Suisei says:

    Depending on the item, I save the boxes (and sometimes the packaging, like peanuts, or those plastic bags full of air) to return the item should it break down within warranty. I also have a huge bag full of peanuts I save to ship homemade gifts (I am big into the not-so-crappy crafts) safely to family and friends. Some boxes I use for packing away papers, (I should really purchase a filing cabinet) or to use as a general junk box. You can never have too many spare boxes! They don’t take up much space when they are collapsed, and if you really do feel you have to many, you can always recycle them!

    More about the article, I think that double boxing can be a good thing depending on the item shipped. Though I highly doubt a highly impact resistant remote control would be damaged in that smaller box, things would be different if that remote were a bare hard drive. I have ordered small things from ebay that were shipped in those shipping envelopes (the ones that have the bubble plastic inside) that arrived just fine.

  11. COBBCITY says:

    I have had it happen with Amazon also. I sell a lot on eBay for myself and friends. Sooner or later the extra boxes get used. I do agree “shame on you”… Best Buy must have money to burn.

  12. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I recycle them. In fact at work I have everyone trained to bring me boxes and any paper, bubble wrap or air pillow packing material so I can recycle that too. If I get the box at home and it’s useable, I just take it to work with me.

    Sometimes I put junk in it and put it in my junky garage.

  13. ArcanaJ says:

    If I have no immediate use for them, I break them down and put them in the recycle bin.

  14. katsuyakaiba says:

    I’ve seen the small one before.

    It’s one of their ‘hassle-free’ packaging boxes. Rather than have those pain in the rear blister packaging, they have those boxes.

  15. Randell says:

    Ok we get it already. No matter what they do Best Buy is evil. How dare they deliver the exact product ordered in a timely and usable fashion. How about we start bashing the USPS for getting your bills to you on time too. This isn’t like she went to the grocery store, saw a cereal box that big, and it only had about 10 % actual cereal.

  16. MacBenah says:

    I cut the tape and collapse them, then store them in a large closet for the next time I or a neighbor move. I also keep garbage bags full of packing peanuts…

  17. JRB says:

    My bigger problemis when they come loaded with those foam peanuts. My area requires recycling trash. Soooo I have to bag the peanust (if you put them in the pail without a bag they go all over the street) then thow it away and recycle the boxes. Thats true waste.

  18. MrBilly says:

    I know many have complained about Best Buy bashing; but I think the author has a legitimate concern. Oversized packaging, although recycleable, has a real cost in transportation/fuel. It is true that the shipment arrived safely on time, but at what cost?

    If companies use lots of large boxes to ship small products instead of packing them more efficiently with say air cushions, biodegradable peanuts, or other material and can just as effectively cushion a product, why don’t they do it? Perhaps it is just passing the responsibility off to the retailers. I can guarantee the original manufactures pack shipments as tightly as possible because freight is expensive- but to the end user I would argue that it should matter. Bubbles in the supply chain effect us all- if it is a (slight) environmental cost or an increased shipping cost… It all trickles down.

    While recycling the boxes is a good idea when you get them, I feel there has to be a change at the currently most inefficient level- the retailer (amazon, best buy etc.).

    *I have also had the thought that the mail trucks get deployed anyway… Using a “fixed” amount of fuel say for shipping any size package to a house, but in densely populated areas where multiple trucks are needed to cover an area… Larger boxes have to take up more unnecessary room and thus increase the number of trucks, staff, and fuel…

    What do you all think?

  19. encryptedbytes says:

    I love getting extra boxes. I use them to ship out the items I sell on eBay.

  20. Bby says:

    I love this. Phil, hating Best Buy like he does, actually is so poor of a writer that he makes a story out of nothing, is causing people to defend the company. Well done!

  21. dipthonggirl says:

    Oh boo hoo, extra boxes. Not only is her stuff extra safe but boxes are super useful. I’m contemplating moving in a couple months. I’d love to get some extra boxes when I order stuff.

  22. blipsman says:

    That reminds me of the packaging when we received 4 bath towels as a wedding gift — each individually wrapped in tissue paper inside a gift box, each in its own corrugated cardboardbox. Now we got other gifts in boxes from Bed, Bath & Beyond that wouldn’t fit all four towels…

    • blipsman says:

      “Now we got other gifts in boxes from Bed, Bath & Beyond that wouldn’t fit all four towels…”

      I meant “Now we got other gifts in boxes from Bed, Bath & Beyond that would’ve fit all four towels…”

  23. masterying01 says:

    That looks like a remote control ordered through Part Search, a third party company that lets you order original remotes for you 10 year old tv……….that has a contract with Best Buy as an accessories supplier.

    The remote got delivered undamaged.
    You didn’t have to pay for the extra big boxes.
    Recycle the boxes, reuse the boxes, give it to your cats, do whatever you want with them. what exactly is there to complain about here?