Window Shop This Humongous List Of Independence Day Sales

People who want to sell you stuff are psyched that you’ve got an extra day off this weekend, so they’re cutting prices to entice you to make their sales numbers all sparkly.

Dealio hustled around the internet to round up every Independence Day weekend sale it could find. Peruse the list and plot out your plan of attack. Unfortunately Dealio neglected to include the sales you’ll really need — spots to find cheap, illegal fireworks.

4th Of July Sales Roundup


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  1. quirkyrachel says:

    That can’t possibly be all of them. Kohls isn’t listed. Kohls *always* has a sale.

  2. Fidget says:

    Yeah. This whole oil spill is going to end very soon, and very quickly. Because Pensacola is not giving up their only legal firework venue. Last time I was able to go, they had a purple fireworks display set to, I kid you not, the Jurassic Park theme. Sometimes it’s nice to live in an unironically absurd place.

  3. HogwartsProfessor says:

    FAW! The only one I can use is Barnes and Noble. And that’s a want thing, not a need. Oh well, maybe I’ll have to stop in and find something. :)

  4. missmelon says:

    More sales have been added.

  5. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    There are no craft stores on this list but then Joann’s Fabrics always has several items on sale.

  6. missmelon says:

    Kohl’s just released their sale: 20% off sitewide til Sunday with coupon code TOPSECRET