What Do $155K Shoes Look Like? Kinda Like $15 Stripper Heels

When Paul Simon sang “She got diamonds on the soles of her shoes,” we don’t think he was daring anyone to actually make said shoes. But jeweler House of Borgezie has gotten pretty close, slapping over 2,000 diamonds on a pair of stiletto heels and charging $155,000 a pair.

In addition to the 30 carats of sparklers, the Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto is also slathered in gold. But just so you don’t worry about one of the diamonds popping off or the gold getting dinged, each pair comes with a 1,000 year guarantee. So when your great x 12 granddaughter scuffs up the shoes while clubbing on Mars in 2312, she’ll have no need to worry.

The humble jewelers have compared this overpriced pair of hooker heels to a Faberge Egg or King Tut’s Mask.

Here’s how the genius behind the shoe describes it:

To bring the Eternal Diamond Stiletto to life, I quite literally had to reinvent the fundamental principle of classical stiletto construction… The result is not so much a shoe, but rather a fine piece of jewelry that can be miraculously yet practically worn as the ultimate feminine adornment.

Anyone want to chip in a few grand to start a collection? We can each take turns wearing them. It’ll be just like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, except with foot fungus.

Luxury jeweler House of Borgezie creates $155,000 stilettos made of gold, 2000+ diamonds [NY Daily News]

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