Amazon Buys Woot

Woot, frequent denizen of Consumerist’s Morning Deals, just got bought by Amazon, frequent purveyor of nearly everything imaginable.

“Woot HQ will remain in Carrollton, Texas, and will operate as autonomously as other Amazon companies like Zappos and Audible,” the one-deal-a-day pioneer announced on its blog this afternoon.

What will this mean for Woot fans? Will the site finally carry black iPod headphones? It’s too early to tell. But if Woot CEO Matt Rutledge’s acquisition letter, possibly the greatest acquisition letter in the history of acquisition letters, is any indication, things should continue in all their flashing light and monkey-filled glory.

BREAKING: Woot To Be Acquired By Amazon, Then Left To Amuse Ourselves [Woot] (Thanks to Git Em Steve Dave!)

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