Hulu Finally Announces $9.99/Month Pay Service, But You'll Still Have To Watch Ads

More than two months after it was reported that Hulu would be launching a premium subscription package, the streaming video service has finally gone public with HuluPlus.

While there will still be free content on, subscribers who ante up $9.99 a month, subscribers will have access to the entire current seasons of most shows from broadcasters ABC, Fox and NBC, along with past seasons of several series, including some shows no longer on the air.

Oh, but you’ll still have to watch the same number of commercials even if you pay the premium.

When Consumerist polled readers in April about whether or not $9.99 was a fair price to pay for Hulu, over 60% of the more than 5,500 voters said “no,” with only 2% voting “yes.” The remaining voters said they might consider paying the fee if Hulu dumped ads or improved selection.

Right now, HuluPlus is only available by invite. To join, prospective users need request a “preview invite” on

The service will work on Macs and Windows computers, along with iPads, iPhones and a handful of Samsung Blu-ray players and TVs.

Hulu will soon be coming to some Sony products, including the PlayStation3. And Microsoft’s Xbox 360 should be getting the service in 2011.

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