Parents Group To Best Buy: Move Mature-Rated Games To Higher Shelves

Advocacy group Parents Television Council says it’s a Joe Camel move to place video games intended for adults right alongside the Marios and Sonics of the world, and the group scolded Best Buy for the practice at a shareholder’s meeting last week.

“Mr. Chairman, you understand this game is rated mature and we appreciate all that Best Buy is doing to impose and enforce an age-restricted buying policy. However, I urge you to place these types of games on higher shelves and out of sight and reach of your younger customers,” said PTC Minnesota Chapter Director Phyllis Plum at the meeting, according to a PTC press release.

The PTC is famous for being clueless haters of video games, but the organization has a valid point on this matter. Retailers could take steps to keep out-of-touch parents from buying inappropriate games for their nagging kids.

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