Tell Walmart You're Gay And You May Be Forced To Wear A Yellow Vest Of Shame

A temporary Walmart worker is accusing his former supervisors of forcing him to wear a yellow vest after learning of his sexual orientation. The worker, 18-year-old Fernando Gallardo, was quick to compare the retail behemoth to the Nazis in a complaint filed with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission.

“I was completely ignored and shunned. I had nothing to do all day but wander around the store wearing a yellow vest no one else had to wear, much like Jews had to wear a yellow star of David in Hitler’s Germany.”

Walmart claims that it forces people of all creeds to wear yellow vests.

“It is my understanding that the former associate was a temporary hire while the store is under remodeling,” Keene told The Advocate. “Between the 50 or so temporary associates in that store, there is a rotation through the position of ‘May I Help You’ associate. The several associates in this role wear a vest so customers can identify them and ask for help in finding products that may have been temporarily moved to a new spot.”

Gallardo doesn’t buy the excuse, and further claims that store managers offered permanent positions to anyone who would testify that Gallardo voluntarily revealed his sexual orientation. His claims seem all the more plausible in light of the largest class action in history, which alleges that Walmart systemically discriminated against female workers.

Rolling Back the Discrimination [The Advocate via The Gloss]

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