USPS Sends Your Package 5,586 Miles To Travel 120

Jonathan is trying to figure out why the box of records he sent from Bell to Bakersfield, CA somehow took a 5,000 mile detour across the country and back first.

His tracking receipt shows the package leaving Bell, CA, then showing up on the east coast in Capitol Heights, MD, then heading down for some barbecue in Greensboro, NC, then moseying back to where it began before finally taking the 2-hour trip down the road to Bakersfield.

When he called USPS to ask them why the package was sent 3,000 miles away, the rep said, “I cannot speculate on that.” Her supervisor told Jonathan the same thing. Jonathan wonders if he will also get the same reaction when he contacts Stephen M. Kearney, Senior Vice President, USPS Customer Relations.

Perhaps this, “explains why the US Postal Service is running a $7 billion deficit this year,” speculated Jonathan to Consumerist.

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