YouTube Beats Viacom In $1B Copyright Lawsuit

Sorry Viacom! A judge has handed YouTube a victory in the $1 billion copyright lawsuit that the entertainment company brought against Google/YouTube. Viacom’s position was that YouTube had the responsibility to immediately remove all copyrighted materials. YouTube said it only had to comply with takedown requests.

From the LA Times:

U.S. District Judge Louis L. Stanton, in his decision to grant Google’s request for summary judgment, sided with YouTube, finding the company was within the law. When “YouTube was given notices, it removed the material,” Stanton wrote in his 30-page decision. “It is thus protected from liability” under a provision in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Viacom, in a statement, vowed to take the case to the federal circuit court.

“We are disappointed with the judge’s ruling, but confident we will win on appeal,” said Michael Fricklas, Viacom executive vice president and general counsel.

Judge rules against Viacom in copyright suit against YouTube [LA Times]

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