Silly DirecTV Forgot To Waive My HD Fee

In the rush to drop HD fees to attract new customers, DirecTV pulled a boner and forgot to remove the charges for at least one customer. Andrew says he called the company, reminded it of the oversight and got it to take HD charges off his account.

He writes:

I read your story on sat. companies dropping HD fees. Your story combined with new commercials on TV prompted me to look up my DirecTV bill and see if I was still being charged. Sure enough I was, so I called them. After asking the CSR about it she told me that I can have the monthly fee removed if I sign up for automatic payments. I informed her I already was, so she removed it. What was surprising is they didn’t automatically remove it for customers that were already signed up and had monthly HD fees.

Surprising indeed. DirecTV customers, you might want to check your latest billing statement in case there’s an astounding coincidence and the stunning mishap also befell you.

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