Expensive iPhone Games Cost A Buck Today

In honor of the iPhone 4 coming out tomorrow, EA has slashed its prices on several costly iPhone/iPod Touch games to a dollar.

Squid Drop catalogs some of the more expensive games on sale today:

* COMMAND & CONQUERâ„¢ RED ALERTâ„¢ (was $6.99)

* FIFA 10 (was $4.99)

* Madden NFL 10 (was $6.99)

* Need for Speed Shift (was $6.99)

* Need For Speed Undercover (was $4.99)

* SimCity (was $2.99)

* Dragon’s Lair (was $4.99)

* Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear (was $2.99)

* Trivial Pursuit (was $4.99)

While we’re on the topic, what’s your favorite iPhone game? Hint: The correct answer is Peggle.

UPDATE: Gameloft titles are also a buck today.

EA Holding Massive $0.99 Sale for 48 Hours [Squid Drop via Destructoid]


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  1. MarvinMar says:

    Awesome deal. I will have to grab some of these when I get home.

  2. D0rk says:

    Picked up Battleship, NFS:Shift and Tiger Woods. While I despise the controls of Tiger Woods, Battleship and Shift are fun.

    • AstroWorn2010 says:

      Battleship is really good, Going to pick up Sims 3 and Need for Speed Shift tonight.

  3. areed67 says:

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour is also on sale… definitely picked that one up. Doesn’t look like many of the others are that worthwhile…

  4. rpm773 says:

    I’ve logged many hours with Tiger Woods golf. It’s great to play a round of 18 while lying in bed before I turn in for the evening.

  5. Span_Wolf says:

    Peggle OR Plants vs Zombies.

    • Rachacha says:

      Plands vs Zombies Hands down. Having run through the game 2 and a half times already, I wish that they would add some new achievements. I started making up my own achievements just to add some challenge to the game.

  6. shalegac says:

    Favorite iPhone game is PocketTanks.

  7. littleAK says:

    Angry Birds!

  8. tiger ali says:

    SimCity was the only one I was interested in and before buying I was told the port wasn’t very good and a new SimCity Deluxe is coming out. So I opted to save my pennies for Plants vs. Zombies (I have the OS X version and it’s amazing).

    I’m playing Puzzle Quest on the iPhone but the holiest of holies, Final Fantasy Tactics is coming to the iPhone this year and that will likely be the best game on the machine, bar none (unless Square Enix screws up the controls or something).

  9. XTC46 says:

    Im addicted to Haypi Kingdom. Its light weight, fun to play, and I can pop in and out of it throughout the day when I have a few minutes to kill and still advance well. Very fun. Download it, and use xtc46 as your referer.

  10. Dafrety says:

    I don’t even have an iPhone/Touch yet, I’m just holding out until Apple refreshes the iPod Touch and then I’m jumping in. I love my Android phone, but very few games like these have been released yet.

    • Dafrety says:

      Apparently this is supposed to be a sale on “EA’s best games,” but they’re not including titles like The Sims, Monopoly, or Rockband. Of course, the sports titles get a steep discount instead.

  11. jessjj347 says:

    How good is Red Alert compared to the computer game?

  12. bananaballs says:

    My favorite, too!

  13. Princess Sparkle Pony says:

    Doodle Jump!

  14. MovingTarget says:

    Fat-A-Pult and Paper Pilot

  15. MovingTarget says:

    http://www.freeappaday.com has a free selection everyday

  16. T says:


  17. Segador says:

    Snagged Tiger Woods and Dragon’s Lair for a buck each. An amazing steal.

  18. Muddie says:

    This is fantastic, and I’ve picked up a few myself but this is marketing genius!

    Think about it —

    2 days ago, mark down your games today from $7 or so to .99 and advertise the hell out of it.
    During the frenzy, your games become popular as hell.
    In a few days, what happens? New iPhone comes out.
    People log into the app store looking to populate their new phones and look at the most popular paid games and what do they see? Yours! Now at full price.


    • witeowl says:

      Yep, but that’s hardly a new tactic. Many apps go temporarily free for exactly that same reason.

  19. squirrel says:

    Umm… I picked up Dragon’s Lair a week or two ago and it was already $0.99

  20. MitchEvious says:

    Just a heads up, last time I played Red Alert on my iPhone it was slow and used up about 20% of my battery per level.

  21. iFightBanks says:

    That picture up at the top is just too hilarious. Awesome.

  22. jeffpiatt says:

    Wolfenstine RPG is also on the list of $0.99 games it combines the look of the RCTW wolfenstine and brings in the classic dos story

  23. lehrdude says:

    Flight Control

  24. Enduro says:

    Peggle is great, I also like Angry Birds and Sneezies. Don’t tell my Halo peeps that I like such fluff.