Italy Recalls 70,000 "Blue" Balls Of Mozzarella

It may seem like we’re going for cheap innuendo in the headline — and on some level, we are — but this time it’s also accurate. Authorities in Italy have removed 70,000 balls of mozzarella from stores in Turin (or Torino, if you’re not into the whole Anglicizing thing) after customers complained of a bluish tint to the spheres.

The mysterious coloring, which the Agriculture Minister calls “disturbing,” came to light after a woman in Turin contacted the police to complain that her mozzarella, which was made in Germany for an Italian company, had turned blue after she opened the package.

Samples of the presumably tainted cheese has been sent for testing to labs and results are expected in a few days. Additionally, regulators in Germany have been notified of the incident.

No cases of illness were immediately reported.

Despite mozzarella being one of Italy’s signature cheeses, according to the the Italian agriculture lobby Coldiretti, only half the mozzarella sold in Italy is made from foreign-produced milk.

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