What Would You Do With $20,000?

A couple of weeks back, we asked what you would do if you stumbled upon a bag containing $18,000 in cash with no signs of the owner’s ID. Today, CNN took a camera out on the street to ask folks what they would do if they suddenly had $20,000 to spend, no strings attached.

Of course, most said they would pay off their bills (who wouldn’t?) while others were a little more day-dreamy (vacations, honeymoons). My favorite has to be the guy who would use it to help pay for the $2 million loft he wants to buy.

Feel free to watch the video, but we really want to hear what you all would spend the money on, or how you would save it, or burn it, make sweet love to it or maybe just give it away.

Also of importance, but not mentioned in the CNN video: How much money would you need right now to put your mind at ease? Not necessarily forever, but enough to get you to a point where money is not something you would need to lose sleep over.

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