Want To Board Your Flight Early? There's A Fee For That

There is apparently no end to the airline industries love of additional fees. At least the latest add-on to your ticket price isn’t for a privilege that had previously been free of charge. Instead, American Airlines has actually decided to add an option that may be worth the cash for some travelers — early boarding.

Earlier this week, AA announced what they’re calling the “Boarding and Flexibility Package,” which, for anywhere from $9-$19, gives travelers early entry onto the plane, allowing them to get to their seats and stow their carry-ons with minimal hubbub.

In addition to getting on the plane earlier, purchasers of the package who need to make a change in their flying plans will also get a $75 discount on the fee charged for making said change.

And if you want to try to get on an earlier flight on your day of departure, the package allows you to fly standby for no additional charge.

Also, this summer American is offering travelers the option of boarding with the first group of passengers for a flat fee of $10.

This is similar to existing offering from other airlines, like United’s “Premier Line” service and Southwest’s “Early Bird Check-in.”

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