Sorry, The Ad For Our Specials Today Doesn't Reflect Reality

If you sat down at a restaurant table and saw a sign advertising a special–say, $4.99 breakfasts–with a photo of a certain meal, you’d assume that the promotion includes that meal, right? Well, Felicia writes, at Marie Callender’s, your assumption would be wrong.

My boyfriend and I went in for breakfast, to take advantage of their “$4.99 breakfasts before 11a.m.” special. There’s little flyer on the table that lists out what breakfasts qualify, and a picture of a dish for visual appeal.

My boyfriend ordered the pictured item, and when we went to pay for our meals, they informed us the item pictured wasn’t actually a part of the $4.99 special. I spoke with the manager, and he said they were aware of the mistake. They didn’t even change the bill to reflect their mistake, they made us pay $8 or whatever the cost was for what he ordered!

At the company I work for, if we mis-advertise a special, the customer gets cut a deal for our mistake.

Needless to say, we no longer eat at Marie Callender’s. I don’t feel I can trust any prices/items on the menu.

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