Kraft's Amusing Capri Sun Mold FAQ

Last week we told you how Melissa found a giant scary mold in her Capri Sun juice pouch. After she posted pictures on her Facebook, sections of the internet went totally apesh*t. This is probably because the mold looked like a giant horse eyeball and Kraft’s initially slow response only fueled the flames of hysteria. As part of getting up to speed, Kraft even put up a whole FAQ devoted specifically to this one issue. Between its lines, though, you can read their frustration with the blowup. Their answer to the last question “What kind of mold is it?” is both honest and funny:

What kind of mold is it?

We asked an independent lab for an immediate second opinion and they confirmed it was mold. However, identifying the particular type takes several weeks so we do not have that information yet. Scientific analysis of mold takes longer than many of us would like. Mold that forms on food and beverages is usually a common mold. It’s generally much like common bread mold, though it may look different depending on where it forms. And yes, it can be ugly, gross and totally unappealing. It would be great if foods stayed fresh forever. But the basic laws of science and nature dictate that most foods eventually spoil and get moldy. [emphasis added]

Amazing. I love it when the humanity seeps out behind the corporate face!

The whole story is just another reason why juice pouches should have clear windows on them. I know they’re opaque to keep sunlight out, but maybe the windows could be removable. Because if there was one leak that resulted in a bizarre fractal mold growth, imagine how many smaller, albeit harmless, molds you’ve probably sucked up unknowingly because they didn’t have enough mass that you would feel them through the package?

CAPRI SUN FAQs [Kraftrecipes]

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