My Friend's Great Dane Died On A Continental Flight

Laine says his friend’s Great Dane suffered a fatal Continental flight from Hawaii to Seattle. He says Continental has been less than sympathetic and wants people to know what happened.

He writes:

I’m writing on behalf of an old friend whose Great Dane was killed on a Continental Airlines flight from Honolulu to Seattle. Here’s a description of events from a Facebook page he & his wife made to raise awareness of their tragic situation:

“Continental Cargo killed my Great Dane on a flight from Honolulu to Seattle which had a layover in Houston. My dog arrived in Seattle with such severe internal injuries that he had to be euthanized just a few hours after he arrived. The callousness that we’ve been subjected by the airlines is outrageous. We want justice for Tucker and to prevent this from happening to anyone else’s pet in the future.”

Tucker’s owners can be reached through the Facebook page, Justice for Tucker.

Any advice that you and your readers might be able to give about what actions to take against Continental would be greatly appreciated. Not to mention, of course, that others should be made aware of the danger posed to pets by Continental Airlines. I’ve heard of smaller animals suffering during flights, but this is a Great Dane! I can’t imagine what must have been done to poor Tucker to cause him lethal injuries.

Have you ever had a pet suffer an injury or death while flying?