Lacking Nicolas Cage In Your Netflix? There's A Hack For That

I, like most Netflix customers, have a ridiculous number of movies in my DVD and Watch Instantly queues. But until this morning, I hadn’t realized one thing my queue was desperately missing: Nicolas Cage saturation. Thankfully, someone has come up with a remedy for this error.

Over at Wonder-Tonic, they’ve launched Cageflix, the one-click way to add every Nic Cage movie to your Netflix queue.

According to the Cageflix FAQ, the hack tells Netflix to add the Cage flicks but it doesn’t store your password:

It adds as many Nicolas Cage DVDs as it can (or you specify) to the end of your Netflix DVD queue. Once you close your browser, Cageflix forgets you ever existed. If you feel paranoid, you can remove Cageflix’s privleges from your account settings in Netflix.

More importantly — how would you like to see this batch delivery idea applied to other celebrities, filmmakers or types of films/TV shows?

Cageflix [Wonder-Tonic via Hacking Netflix]

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