Does Your Neighborhood Need An Adults-Only Swimming Pool?

In most neighborhoods the local pool or swim club is filled with youngsters during the summer, splashing around and making a very distinctive white noise. But in Las Vegas, it’s a very different tale.

All around Sin City, not only are the pools loaded with adults, but more and more resort/casino/hotels are hosting events specifically for grown-ups or even entire pools that are dedicated to over-21 crowds, complete with swim-up gambling and permissible toplessness.

Now, I’m not suggesting that every neighborhood in the U.S. needs its own facsimile of TAO Beach or the Bare Pool Lounge, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to swim — and perhaps get a drink or three — and not have to worry about tripping over rugrats in water wings?

Tell us your thoughts. Could your life benefit from an adults-only swimmin’ hole?

Adult and topless pools make a splash in Vegas [USA Today]

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