VIDEO: How To Pack For A Weekend Beach Getaway

In case you hadn’t notice, the summer vacation season is upon us. And even if people don’t have the cash to rent a beach house for a full week, plenty of folks are still going off for weekends on the water. And in the interest of keeping your luggage to a minimum, the editors at Lucky Magazine had put together a handy, perhaps even dandy, guide for how to get everything you need in one bag.

Now, it being Lucky Magazine, the packing list is geared toward women — or dress-wearing men (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that) — but it should be pretty easy for the males out there to see where more masculine substitutions can be made.

Here’s their list of what the efficiently packed woman should have in her one piece of luggage:
– 2 pairs of shoes, plus the ones you’re wearing while traveling; 1 pair should be flip-flops
– 1 pair of shorts, 1 skirt (If skirts aren’t your thing; I’m guessing another pair of shorts would do)
– 1 top for every day you’ll be gone
– 2 dresses (again, here you could probably substitute a couple of shirts or maybe a pair of pants)
– 2 bathing suits
– Small accessories (belts, necklaces, etc.)
– 1 hat

What do you think of this list? Is any of this extraneous? Did they forget something important?

How to Pack for a Summer Weekend Trip [Lucky via Jaunted]

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