See The Ikea Ad That Was Too Naughty For Texas TV

For some reason, a few TV stations in the Houston area have a problem with the date of June 9, or at least the way Ikea decided to portray the date in a new ad promoting the reopening of their local store.

The ad, which did get air time on some stations, prominently features the numbers “6” and “9” separated only by a faint dot between them. This is of course a reference to June 9, the grand reopening date of the store and not an unsubtle play on a sexual act I had to look up on Urban Dictionary.

Below the numbers, to the sounds of some funkay music, flash the words “in the office,” “in the bedroom,” “in the kitchen” and just about every other room in the house.

Maybe the TV execs in Houston just don’t want viewers knowing about hard-to-assemble fiberboard furniture with unpronounceable names?

Watch the clip below and make the call for yourself:

Online Dish: Ikea “6-9” Commercial Banned [ via]

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