Ben Popken On WJLA Warning About Robocall Scammers

UPDATE: Here’s the video. If you live in the DC area, tune into ABC 7 tonight at 5:45 pm to see a Consumer Alert I shot with local reporter Kris Van Cleave. Apparently, this morning like six of their reporters all got scam robocalls on their cellphones with a recording saying their ATM card had been deactivated and they needed to call the bank back. Hello, scam!

Y’all know this is a scam, we’ve written about it before. The frustrating thing is that shutting down these scams is like playing whackamole, because they’re just fly-by-night boiler room operations. But there are a few ways to spot them and protect yourself:

  • The biggest red flag is that they called you.
  • If you think it might be your real, bank, hang up, and call back the number on the back of your card to continue the conversation.
  • Never give your account information over the phone to anyone.
  • Don’t give out your phone number unless you have to.
  • Use a tossaway phone number, like Google Voice, that forwards to your phone when possible for filling out forms and registering for things. That way if it gets compromised, you can drop the Google Voice number without having to change your cellphone or landline number.
  • Visit to report fraud calls, register in the national do not call registry so you are on fewer lists, and to learn more about phone-based fraud.

On Your Side: Phone Phishing Scam [WJLA]

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