Personal Finance Roundup

Playing Gold Without Getting Killed [Wall Street Journal] “The question for investors who have remained on the sidelines until now is whether there still is an opportunity to join the stampede—and, if so, how to do it without getting crushed.”

Bonds: Avoid the next great bubble [CNN Money] “The bond market is a bubble and it’s getting ready to burst.”

That Repair Bill Is Huge, but There Are Reasons [NY Times] “Why do repairs seem to cost so much even if they don’t take long?”

6 Steps to Protect Your Home from Hurricanes [Kiplinger] “You don’t have to just sit there worrying about the weather.”

10 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes [The Wisdom Journal] “When first time home buyers finally get into their home, they can easily fall prey to several serious mistakes that can cause a large amount of financial harm later.”


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