BP Buys Up Search Phrases To Keep You From Snooping On Its Heroic Clean-Up Efforts

BP isn’t too fond of people using search engines to check up on its Gulf of Mexico misadventures. The company has bought up some Google and Yahoo phrases in order to scuttle efforts to find news reports using such words.

ABC News reports:

A simple Google search of “oil spill” turns up several thousand news results, but the first link, highlighted at the very top of the page, is from BP. “Learn more about how BP is helping,” the link’s tagline reads.

A spokesman for the company confirmed to ABC News that it had, in fact, bought these search terms to make information on the spill more accessible to the public.

This is the spot in the post I would have filled with links to the latest news in the growing disaster, but my Google and Yahoo searches keep telling me things are going wonderfully and that Zack Morris is a wonderful human being.

BP Buys ‘Oil’ Search Terms to Redirect Users to Official Company Website [ABC News]