Blu-Rays Coming To Redbox With Price Hike

Redbox is finally latching on to the Blu-ray bandwagon, announcing it’s months away from adding the pricier HD movies to its kiosks, but will be charging $1.50 a night rather than the standard buck it costs for DVDs.

Home Media Magazine reports Redbox announced the team-up at the Entertainment Supply Chain Academy Edge conference last week. The story also says Redbox will start selling movies from $5 to $9.

UPDATE: Redbox’s PR firm sent us this message, saying the Blu-ray price point still hasn’t been determined:

I read your story this morning and wanted to clarify that Redbox continues to test Blu-ray rentals and has not yet announced a final decision on pricing when we rollout Blu-ray titles in the second half of the year. However, it’s been said that Redbox expects Blu-ray discs will rent at a higher price than standard definition titles in Redbox kiosks, and we are currently testing two price points as a result: $1.50 per night and $1.75 per night.

Would you pay an extra 50 to 75 cents cents a night to rent a Blu-ray from Redbox?

Blu-ray Rentals Will be $1.50 Through Redbox [Home Media Magazine via High-Def Digest]

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