Mother Tracks Down Kidnapped Kids Using Facebook

While the rest of you were busy asking friends to join your gang in MafiaWars or doing whatever it is you’re supposed to do in Farmville, a mother in California was busy using Facebook for a good reason — to track down her two children who had been kidnapped 15 years earlier.

According to the Deputy District Attorney in San Berardnio, CA, the father of the two children — one boy and one girl — had gone missing with the children in 1995 when the kids were just 2 and 3 years old.

“The mother got on to Facebook and typed in one of the children’s names and hit a Facebook page,” said the prosecutor.

Lo and behold, the girl she’d found was indeed her daughter. The two began communicating via Facebook, with the mom even sending an old photo of the family from before the kidnapping. And then suddenly, says the Deputy D.A., it all came to an end: “The teenager said, ‘Not interested in a relationship. We just have a happy life. Leave us alone,'” and her daughter’s Facebook page disappeared from the site.

Even so, the mom was able to convince the local authorities to investigate. Ultimately, they tracked down the missing children and their father to Orlando, where daddy dearest was arrested and charged with two counts of kidnapping, and two counts of violating child custody orders.

Mother finds kidnapped kids through Facebook []

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