Ohio Kmart Turns Into Jerry Springer Show Over Coupon Argument

We’ve all been there — You’re in a rush at the store and the person in front of you is trying to redeem too many coupons, or there’s a problem with a coupon, etc. You get irritated, might even grumble something under your breath. But I’m guessing it’s never come to fisticuffs. Unfortunately for shoppers and employees at a Super Kmart in Ohio, one customer couldn’t manage to show such restraint.

According to reports, a Kmart shopper in Lorain, OH, was minding her own business as she redeemed a coupon at the cash register. For whatever reason, a woman behind this customer began to get irate, telling her to take the coupon to customer service and dropping some not-so-nice names on her.

When the woman with the coupon said she wouldn’t be going to customer service, the other woman got all up in her grill, allegedly poking her in the cheek and threatening to slap her.

That’s when the Jerry Springer bell went off and the irritated customer reportedly attacked the coupon lady.

After being pulled off her victim by another female customer, the assailant fled the store and was not apprehended.

As of yesterday, she had not been identified. Police are attempting to use store surveillance footage to help nab the suspect.

Police seek woman in Kmart coupon attack [Chronicle-Telegram]

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