FCC Seeking Volunteers For Test Of Residential Broadband Speeds

Among the chief complaints we get from readers about their broadband providers is that the lightning-fast speeds advertised by the ISP are far from the reality of what they’re getting through their modem. So in an effort to parse truth from lip service, the FCC is about to begin a nationwide test of residential broadband speeds — and they want your help.

For the study, the FCC needs 10,000 volunteers willing to have metering equipment installed on their home broadband connection.

“The big issue here is knowing what you are paying for,” said some guy from the FCC.

According to existing FCC data, average residential download speeds are typically only half as fast as the maximum speeds advertised by U.S. broadband providers. And a recent FCC survey determined that 80% of home broadband subscribers don’t know the speed of their connection.

If you want to put your name into the volunteer pool, go to TestMyIsp.com.

FCC Plans Study to Measure Broadband Speeds [ABC News]

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