Best Buy Might Give You A Free iPod If You Know To Ask

Apple is running their regular back-to-school promotion for students and teachers this summer. Buy an Apple laptop, get a free iPod Touch. Neat deal. But let’s say that you’re another retail outlet that sells Apple computers. Say that you’re….Best Buy. How do you convince customers to buy a computer from you, when you can’t offer them a free iPod? Well…offer them 18-month financing. Then point out how many RewardZone points they’re going to earn. Finally, you could just give up and give them a free iPod…. but only if they ask.

According to an inside source, that’s exactly what Best Buy plans to do. Our source passed along this e-mail that went out to all employees.

One note before you get all excited:
the email specifically says that the store should “react on a case-by-case basis” when matching the free iPod deal. A thread on MacRumors from last year’s similar promotion shows that many students were being told “No,” even after they asked the employee to go look up last year’s email in their system.

In order to convince them to match the deal, you may have to negotiate heavily — and escalate all the way to the store’s general manager.

Apple Promotion – Free iPod Touch with a Mac

Apple once again launched its back to school offer giving a free 8GB iPod Touch to any student or teacher who purchases a new Mac from May 25 through Sept. 7, 2010 from their Apple retail stores, Apple Online Store for Education, 1-800-MY-APPLE or local Apple Authorized Campus Store.

Stores should only match this offer if customers ask for the price match following our policy. Employees shouldn’t put out signage advertising this offer or use it as a closing tool.

Who qualifies for the Back to School offer from Apple?

* College student
* A faculty or staff member at any grade level

How does Best Buy compete?
Customers may come in to your store requesting this promotion, but it isn’t valid at our Apple Shops in Best Buy stores. What can you do to get these customers to buy a Mac at Best Buy instead?

1. 18-month financing. This is an incredible value to many customers, especially considering the high price points of Apple computers. Apple Stores’ financing doesn’t even come close to Best Buy’s. Apple Stores may offer three-month financing, while all Apple computers at Best Buy qualify for 18-month financing.

2. Reward Zone points. Our best customers love the benefits of being Reward Zone members. On a big-ticket purchase like a Mac members will earn a sizable Reward Zone certificate in return.

3. Last resort…match Apple’s offer. React on a case-by-case basis to discount the laptop to match Apple prices and give away the iPod Touvch (if the customer has a legitimate student ID). There will be minimal students buying laptops right now so this shouldn’t apple to too many customers.

[sic] on the typos in the last paragraph.