Military Aircraft At Show Breaks Wind, Hurts 10 Onlookers

A Memorial Day air show celebration turned ugly when a Marine Corps aircraft unleashed a wind blast that leveled several spectators, injuring 10.

CNN reports:

According to Lauren Schulz of the U.S. Marines, the incident, which occurred shortly after 9 a.m. at Clove Lakes Park on New York’s borough of Staten Island, was part of New York City’s annual Fleet Week Exhibition, which includes military displays from the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines.

All the injuries were minor, with seven people transported to local hospitals and the rest receiving treatment on the scene, Schulz said.

According to Schulz, the tilt-rotor aircraft, an MV-22 Osprey, was coming in for a landing when the wind generated by its twin propellers emitted enough force to knock the branches off a tree, which was situated 600 feet away. All those injured were spectators, Schulz said.

At the air shows I’ve attended, the only injuries have been sunburn and debilitating boredom. The maligned Duck and Cover safety system might have actually worked in this case.

Wind blast from aircraft downs limbs at ceremony, 10 injured [CNN]

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