No More Eating Shark Fin In Hawaii

A new law has made Hawaii the first state in the country to outlaw the possession of shark fin — a delicacy that goes for $48 a plate, according to the AP.

From the Washington Post:

The state is attempting to help prevent the overfishing and extinction of sharks around the world.

“Something will be missing,” said Hou, who grew up watching her father sell shark fin as part of his seafood trading business in Hong Kong. “Decent Chinese restaurants – they all serve shark fin.”

The dish is especially popular among affluent Chinese tourists that flock to Hawaii, but environmentalists say that overfishing is leading to a dangerous depletion of sharks.

The article also says that shark fin doesn’t taste like much on its own — the flavor comes mostly from the chicken or pork soup base.

Anyone tried it?

No more eating shark fin in Hawaii after new law [WaPo]

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