Passengers Stiff Cabbie For $1,427 Fare

Usually when we write about taxi-related horror stories, it’s cab drivers trying to scam passengers out of cash. But this time the tables have been turned in big way, after a driver in Ohio was stiffed on a $1,427 fare.

According to the driver’s complaint filed with the police, he picked up a couple in Jackson, TN, and dropped them off over 10 hours later in Lorain, OH. News reports put the distance at around 500 miles, but Google Maps estimates it at more than 600 miles.

Regardless, the driver said the couple had agreed to pay the $1,427 fare for the drive, even signing a billing statement to that effect. The woman passenger had told the driver they were going to Lorain because of a family emergency.

While he waited for his passengers to pay up, they instead hopped into a minivan and drove off without handing over any cash.

As of yesterday, no charges had been filed and no specific suspects had been named. According to reports, police spoke to a woman at the address the couple had originally given the driver. That woman said the female passenger was her niece, but that she had no way of contacting her.

Not Fare! Cabbie Stiffed After 500-Mile Trip to Lorain []

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