Watch Out For Comcast's Phantom 'Office Charge'

Suresh found a $1.99 fee labeled “In Office Charge” on a Comcast bill. Comcast said the charge is a placeholder indicator that catches a certain billing mistake.

Suresh writes:

I been a Comcast customer for a while now and was initially extended an offer for internet service for $42.95. I received my bill this month and there was an “In Office Charge” of $1.99 in addition to a rate increase for my internet service. When I called Comcast to question them about it, I was told that my internet service rate should have been $59.99 since I subscribed to only internet and not their other services (e.g., tv, phone). The rep told me they have put in place a new system to catch these mistakes and the system automatically has been charging the impacted customers $1.99 for an “In Office Charge”. After I pressed the rep, she said I would receive a credit for $1.99 next month. This is a pretty good scheme for Comcast to recoup losses from their mistakes; unless their customers are made aware.

It seems Suresh would prefer Comcast had kept charging the “In Office Fee” rather than the full-priced internet service price.

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