Burger King BBQ Ribs Captured In The Wild, Measured

Reader Justin read our article about BK’s new pork ribs and decided to see if his local BK had them. It did, so he put together a full report from the front lines.

Take it away, Justin:

They offer a $5.99 6 piece meal and add 2 more for $1.00. You can also add 3 pieces to a value meal for $1.99.

As you can see with the pictures, they are small, bite sized ribs. They remind me of the riblets that Applebees has. They were fall off the bone like they described but the size they show on the ads in the drive through are quite a difference from what you actually get, not that is any different from any other food item.

Official Consumerist Follower rating…C+ to B-. Nice to have a fast food option not a burger but small….

5-24-2010 3-35-12 PM.jpg5-24-2010 3-35-43 PM.jpg
5-24-2010 3-36-11 PM.jpg

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