Google TV Is A Thing Now, And It Can't Be More Pointless Than Wave

We saw this coming a couple weeks ago, but now it’s official: Google is busting down your door and stealing away your TV.

At its developer contest Thursday, Google announced Google TV, which aims to succeed where WebTV and many others have failed in making you want to browse the internet and check out browser-based videos on your TV.

The L.A. Times reports:

Known as Google TV, the new television platform would allow viewers to access Internet content on their televisions in addition to traditional broadcast and cable programming. Despite bringing even more choice to the mix, Google is pitching the initiative as an easier way for audiences to find television shows and Internet content through a single search box instead of fumbling with remotes and clumsy on-screen programming guides.

The first television sets, Blu-ray players and companion set-top boxes will go on sale this fall through partnerships with chipmaker Intel Corp., electronics giant Sony Corp. and device-maker Logitech.

Do you think Google TV will be worth the money, shelf space and an extra HDMI input?

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