Do Not Tase Wendy's Clerk For Getting Your Order Wrong

A worker at a Wendy’s in Daytona Beach, FL, narrowly avoided being zapped with a taser after getting a customer’s order wrong. According to police reports, the alleged assailant, Melane Asia Reid, “brandished a pink stun gun” and chased Jason HIll around the restaurant, until the manager threatened to call the police.

Jason Hill, the drive-thru employee who avoided being tased, told police he was working the window when two women became upset with their order, started an argument laced with profanities, and allegedly took a swing at him, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.

Police say Reid and another woman, 23-year-old Katrina Mari-Alyce Bryant, got out of the car and went inside; Reid allegedly chased Hill around the kitchen while Bryant cheered.

Police tracked the women down after they called Wendy’s — to complain about the restaurant’s service.

Wendy’s Worker Escapes Taser Fired by Dissatisfied Customer, Say Cops [CBS News]

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