State Farm Bank Took $20K Out Of My Account

Chris says he meant to pay $1,700 from a State Farm Bank account but instead was stuck with a $20,000 charge. The scary thing is he is just one of thousands to make an accidental $20K donation to a black hole of despair, according to WFTV in Orlando:

An internal memo from a State Farm employee revealed the company incorrectly debited more than $20,000 from some customers who have State Farm Visa cards attached to their bank accounts.

Nearly 13,000 customers are affected.

Chris hasn’t been able to find some effective Executive Email Carpet Bomb info, so if you know whom to hassle about this problem, please leave your advice in the comments.

UPDATE: State Farm says it has refunded all the money and will cover any overdraft fees incurred because of the error.

Credit Card Holders Have $20K Deducted From Accounts [WFTV Orlando]

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