People Making Ends Meet With Car Insurance Fraud

Citing National Insurance Crime Bureau stats, AutoBlog reports people are staging 46 percent more car accidents in order to get a little green flowing in their direction. This despite rampant unemployment lowering the rate of actual car accidents due to decreased traffic.

New Yorkers, Floridians and Texans, you’re surrounded by folks who are particularly enterprising in this field. From the post:

Florida leads all states in staged accidents by a large margin, with 3,006 in 2009. New York came in second with 1,680, followed by California, Texas and Illinois. New York City is the top offender by city, but Florida again leads with three offending cities in the top five.

There have got to be easier ways to make extra money, such as selling your own kidneys on the black market.

National Insurance Crime Bureau: Staged accident claims up 46% [AutoBlog]
(Thanks, Jason!)

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