"Openbook" Makes It Easy To Search For Humiliating Facebook Updates

There’s a new Facebook search site out there with a concept similar to PleaseRobMe, a site that demonstrates just how easy it is for bad guys to use social networking crap to tell when you’re away from your home. This new Facebook Search allows anyone to search for potentially embarrassing updates that can now be viewed by the public.

Sample searches include: “I hate my job,” “Don’t tell anyone,” “lost virginity” and “cheated test.”

If you’re asking yourself why so many people would allow their private updates to be searchable, the NYT presents this infographic of the 150 privacy settings one is expected to understand in order to lock down your account.

They also note that the privacy policy for Facebook is now longer than the U.S. Constitution at 5,830 words in contrast to the Constitutions relatively brief 4,543.

Site auto-trawls embarrassing Facebook posts [The Register]

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