Tricard Credit Card Shows Off Your Debt

The Tricard concept from Park Mi-na is based on a simple idea: It displays your available credit every time you take it out, so you can avoid overspending. Not surprisingly, the design has yet to be picked up by any actual banks, since they’d just as soon let you keep swiping that card until you’re close to the edge, and then bump up your credit line so you can keep racking up debt.

Park envisions using the Tricard to curb overconsumption, based on the idea that seeing your balance every time you pull out your card will “drive you back to the real common world from the virtual and be a break of your easy wallet.”

We kind of like the idea of a credit card that encourages consumers to take a break from their “easy wallet,” but we suspect that carrying a single card and paying it off in full each month may be a more practical solution than Park’s glowing digits.

Tricard – Credit Card Concept by Park Mi-na [ Yanko Design]

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